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Welcome to Art Acrylics

You will find many styles and variations of my Abstract art here. Please feel free to look at the Artwork and peruse.

I hope you find something you like.

All artwork is priced to include FREE shipping, but at the moment, only to the UK.

Contact me if you wish to discuss a piece of Art in your country.


Please contact me via facebook or phone with any questions at all.


Hand painted Autumnal tees.

Hand made Acrylic canvas.


A colourful abstract mosaic. 

Colours include Deep rich red, metallic gold, metallic yellow, black, white and Metallic silver..... a hint of blue too.

Hand made Acrylic canvas.


Depicting the countryside with industrial units. 

Hand made Acrylic canvas.

Palette knife work only.


Hand painted Red tree standing out amongst the crowd. 

Hand made Acrylic canvas.


Hand painted Blue sky view with clouds.

A few migrating birds on view too.

Hand made Acrylic canvas.


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